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ClassiCoins.Online will be running a series of investment rounds.

**First fundraising round is currently open**

Our first round will happen through indiegogo.com, where we are looking to give up 19% of the company’s equity in order to raise $250k from investors. We are leaving another 10% for big sum investors. So a total of 29% of the company’s equity will be given out in this fundraiser.
The Soft-Cap; $120k
The Hard-Cap; $250k
Anything above, funds will be forward to ICO. Anything below, we will continue working on improving the platform regardless of the success or lack of.

Our second round will happen in mid-2018 through an ICO, where investors will receive company’s crypto coins, and we will use the funds to further develop a fully integrational classifieds platform running on the blockchain data network and using crypto currencies as a payment mechanism within the site’s users. Amounts raised; too be determined.

And thirdly, in a few years we will boast strong income results and growth as a company, so we are also planning on doing an IPO and releasing the company on an exchange market with a stock, furthering selling off another 20% of the company shares, this time not at the discount which the first rounders will receive! But the first rounders will have greatly benefited from the ICO & IPO raises. Therefore a total of 49% of the company’s equity will be allocated amongst investors.

ClassiCoins.Online aims to be the first classifieds platform which uses crypto currencies for real life product & services purchases world wide. We to help widespread the use of coins such as Litecoin, Dash, Zcash & Monero. Bitcoin & Ethereum will also be available on the platform, but that is up to the sellers’ discretion in what crypto coisn they’re willing to accept.

Email us directly if you’re interested in becoming an owner of ClassiCoins.Online@gmail.com

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