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if you want to advertise on ClassiCoins.Online, send a donation to;

#BTC = 14RJrPWF8Aj2HyR6eeDL5KwBsD7nqpE68k
#ETH = 0xA687B14ceACb6da6c3AEe0E1A71236f207604d16
#LTC = LgnZwQ768qkvRws6kXDfM7eaiywt43kLvv
#DASH = XgofuixXQXN1gR6oHhLiQYkuZozFvKTS12

for donations under $99 you receive the ability to advertise your affiliate brand inside classified ads themselves.
for donations above $100 you send us your banner 125×125 & we put it on one page.
for donations above $1000 we will showcase you in the header.

We do not care how much the amount in between we receive, but based on what you can afford, your contributions keep this platform running & available for the entire crypto community and those others to use.


We are also open & receptive for the following services;

– ClassiCoins.Online platform exposure
– Devs looking to boast their portfolio
– Anything else you can offer; we appreciate any kind of help that you may bring to the table and are willing to dedicate your time in accomplishing it

Please send all emails to ClassiCoins.Online@gmail.com

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